Climax Exhaust System

An exhaust system that is actuated by RPM. The Climax exhaust system makes no sound until you have reached the designated RPM, creating an amazing crossover in both performance and sound.

By remaining closed at low-RPM the vehicle is able to utilize the factory components which provide back-pressure. The exhaust is vacuum based and does not rely on electric motor to function providing reliability and lightning fast actuation.

Moto Anzac

Moto Anzac

Meet Cookie! The spitz (dog) who rides a motorcycle. Now it's not every day you see a dog riding a bike, let alone wearing goggles. So this really did catch my attention. If you take a...

0 / / October 18, 2017
BMW Anniversary Sundial

BMW Anniversary Sundial badges

Celebrate BMW heritage with our premium vinyl‘Sundial’ badge. MoFaraz has recently rolled out sundial decals, and at just 9.00 USD you can show your support (with free shipping to USA). They look quite chiche, I...

0 / / March 16, 2016