SUS 69


This S2k doesn’t just have balls, but has a driver who’s willing to abuse it! There are more than a 100 videos out there of this guy sliding around, there’s also a video of it on the track. Bearing the plates 34 SUS 69 this thing is well known in Turkey, and throughout most of Europe actually. There are several videos of him being “stupid” as some call it, but ballsy as I’d like to call it!


Now most people have seen this S2000 doing laps around police officers.  In the video below.. yes it was this guy (lol).



If anyone is curious, 34 resembles the IDN of the city (Istanbul) SUS means “Be quiet” or “Shutup” and well.. if you don’t know what 69 is you’re a virgin, lol. You’ll also notice, in the gallery below that it is most definitely not stock (come to think of it, most of Turkey’s infamous S2k’s are heavily modified). Turkey is well known to have crazy S2k owners, some people may wonder why.. perhaps it’s because of the extremely high fuel prices, Turbo just isn’t fuel friendly regardless of your driving habits. VTEC Seems to be quite ideal for their situation and S2000 provides the best of both worlds, rear wheel drive in a country where laws are rarely applied, enough horsepower to kick the ass out, and a reasonably fuel efficient vehicle.



This thing is just crazy! Haven’t got specs on it yet. But will update very soon. I’m trying to get in touch with the owner, if he’s willing to answer some questions we’ll be sure to announce this on our Facebook page.


Highway Tunnel Run (Two S2ks)




The weapon on the track.

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