SO LOW Soaped up

This is a 2006 Acura TSX, it has been converted into what in Australia is called a Honda Accord Euro. Many will “hate on” this ride, as fantastic as it looks – it is indeed completely impractical. But to drive this takes balls!! This thing does not have an air suspension system nor is it ever raised. Only used as a daily!


Now some may come to wonder, how does one … decide to build such a car with this stance?

Lewis (owner of the vehicle) test fitted a new set of works wheels that he had purchased – As most of you would already know, works wheels don’t just fit, they require a camber kit, rolling guards and in some cases flaring the guards. After posting his test fitment picture on the net, it ended up going viral on social networks. I guess, that’s when he decided – “That’s the look I’ll go for”.



Original article by Serious Innovations.