8-Bit Roadster

On the Trailer

The 8 Bit MX5 Oh No

Ever noticed how .. driving the MX5 feels just like you’re playing a game? It’s responsive, turns like a toy would, and it’s just … FUN!  So… why not make it what it is! Checkout the 8-Bit Miata!

A genuine drift car, that’s been taken out of our 4D (four dimensional) world and put back into the 80s, when 8-bit was the it! Bearing the license plates ZOMBOY (or is it Z0MB0Y?). Now the initial car seems to have all of it’s panels cut in a pixelated fashion, and I must say it looks neat.



Did i mention it has some NEAT features? Just checkout what you need to start the actual car!


At the end of the day, this is a drift car.. so here is a nice little vid the 8BitMiata team has put together for us, enjoy!