An April Fools to remember for this Aventador

Aventador Collision in London (Left SIde)

This is the £300,000 Lamborghini Aventador that you’ve all seen shooting flames in London. As you’ll see in the video, it delivered huge blow to the car on the right turning into it’s lane. It’s quite rare to see a collision like this in this area, let alone with a Lamborghini Aventador.




This bad-ass Lamborghini Aventador took a parked BMW and a Mazda 5 with it in it’s crash. The BMW owner didn’t arrive for quite some time according to “The Daily Telegraph“. It’s quite sad to see such a beautiful car take this much damage off the track. For those of whom are curious, this crash occurred the crash occurred on Sloan Street (one of London’s most expensive streets) just outside Lalit Kumar Modi’s home, the founder of the Indian Premiere League, the roads were closed for just over an hour but no arrests were made.