Anti-Lag or Zero-Lag!

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Crowned the “External Combustion Rocket Zero-lag Teaser” also known as the ZLS (Zero Lag System). This anti-lag setup is one of the world’s most creative ideas. Now the traditional Anti-lag system just spools the turbo and only cuts ignition, in reality you still have to wait for that spool. This system, eliminates all the wait!


Now let’s meet Ben, one of the best engine calibration engineers from the United Kingdom. Ben has designed this fantastic system, where pulse-jets are mounted before the turbo (pre-turbo), these pulse-jets supply the air/gas to pre-spin (or keep spinning) the turbo which of course eliminates all the lag. Now .. where is this pulse-jet pulling the air/gas from? in theory (according to HMS Motosport) it’s possible that the pulse-jet (black box in picture) is pulling air from the hot side of the intercooler, and pulsating it back into the turbo, which of course keeps that turbo spinning. There’s also a charge-tank which of course stores and does all the pulsating – now before anyone shoots a million emails or facebook IMs asking where to get one, this charge/rocket cannister is a prodrive from a WRC.




Below here, is a short description quoted by LukeD, an email explanation from Rodney @SubaruWRCSpares.

This device is fitted to the header just in front of the turbo and works as a sophisticated anti-lag system.
Air and fuel are fed into a combustion chamber and ignited by a spark on over-run, it can be used in three stages (depending on how long you want the engine to last) and is the cause of the load banging noise that can be heard as these cars pass by and the flames coming out of the tail pipe. This system is used in conjunction with the boost pack which stores excess pressure in it’s own reservoir to be fed back into the engine inlet side of the inter cooler when the throttle is depressed after shut off.
All this is coupled to the “flat change” gear shift and launch control system which is of course controlled the the ECU.




Zero Lag System - Thumbnail


This system, although dated-back to 2008, with China’s low prices is estimated to cost over $20,000 USD (using aftermarket parts). In reality this system is amazing, but way too costly to actual implement. If car manufacturers retailed the system as an option I guess it would be possible but again it would cost an arm, leg and an eyeball! Looks like this is another track-only mod (or if you live in the UAE). – Besides the fact, anti-lag means a system to stop it, zero-lag means a system to eliminate it entirely – you don’t even need to think twice about which one’s better. But what’s better for your pocket .. well with $100 antilag systems, it’s no question!