Bagged 360

Bagged 360

Few people admit it, but air bags are definitely the best way to go low. There are high performance Air Suspension systems for racing etc. And of course the low budget for street, which in all honesty don’t really impair the vehicle at all. It’s just not stiff enough for drifting and high speed cornering.


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Basically putting Air Suspension on an MX-5 / Miata or an S2000 will completely ruin that perfect chassis that most dream to have. Nonetheless, what looks & sounds better? Scraping everywhere, amazing cornering or drifting, recovery from slides, impractical, can’t leave your driveway , 2 – 5cm off the ground, adjustable only when the wheels are off. Or Touching the floor low, practical, doesn’t effect your turning circle and doesn’t scrape, not drift friendly, when you corner the back kicks out a little?



Let this beautiful (show-car based?) Ferrari 360 Modena, answer your questions. If you’ve got the cash, it’s better to get Air Suspension, as long as you get the high performance (expensive) versions you should be just fine. The AirRex suspension does maintain handling & the factory performance standards, while improving the appearance.


Built by the Solo Element, this Ferrari is spectacular! The wheels in the video are by NutekWheels, and the wheels in the images are Vossen CVT wheels. And lastly the suspension is by AirREX one of the few companies I can personally vouch for AirREX as I have seen their work, and driven on it! But sadly never owned an appropriate vehicle to install air suspension to. Hopefully in the near Future.  Affordable Air Suspension Systems can be found at SKREEM Performance – I believe they retail KSport Air Suspension.