Bee-R Rev Limiter

Bee-R Rev Limiter

The Bee-R Rev Limiter, is what it is. It is a 2-step rev limiter. It can help with the following:

  • Launch Control
  • Flat-Foot Shifting
  • Shooting backfire


Here are a few videos of the BEE-R in action:


This product is quite good, although it has several different kinds of reviews on the internet. Some people say it’s bad for the engine although there seems to be no evidence of this. Others have electrical issues, the rest just enjoy it. From our review, this product does exactly what it has been designed to do, and that’s shoot flames, and provide launch control. It’s quite useless unless you have turbo, with a tune that allows you to build boost. Otherwise it’s not too bad!


Our verdict is, the Bee-R Rev limiter is quite amazing, it’s easy to adjust, small and looks quite nice. It’s made in Japan, not China. But it’s just too expensive! If you want flames, get a flame thrower kit. It’ll do a better job. If you want launch control, (frankly anyone who wants this, usually has already done a fair share of work to their car – usually any work done to a car involves an aftermarket ECU) Any aftermarket ECU these days can offer launch control.


Please keep in mind, as a system that does not cut fuel, the smoke that’ll be shot into your exhaust pipe will ruin your CAT. Be advised. We recommend fitting a test pipe.


Here’s an install guide:


You can purchase this product from a fair share of places, there are fakes and when you’re dealing with products that manage engine electronics, it’s usually not a good idea to cheap out! – Not sure about the eBay versions. Keep in mind, there are three types (H, H2 and B) The two H’s are for Honda and B is for the rest.

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