Off Road Bike Problems
January 08, 2015

Off Road Biker Problems

This is like a video-game – You’re riding in the forest on your off-road dirt bike and suddenly you’re approached by a man holding an axe!?

Check out the brawl th… Read more..

January 07, 2015

Eye Popping Liberty Walk R35 GT-R



This thing will make you DROOL!!!!!!!!!

The body kit made by Liberty Walk, the exhaust system by ArmyTrix. The video originally designed to promote the exhaust syst… Read more..

November 28, 2014


┬áThe Pana-Z – (Roadster Porsche Panamera)

The Pana-Z – A convertible...

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November 25, 2014

20B Kouki S14

People always complain when an RX7 swaps out a Rotary...

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November 21, 2014

Happy Laps

The Aussie’s know what we’re talking about when we say Happy Laps!

Apparently, so does this guy. Doing some nice lil skids around his garage in that gorgeous RX7.

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November 16, 2014

M5 Nearly Runs Over Spectators

With 630 HP – This BMW E60 M5 is both literally and metaphorically dangerous! – But those few other cars keep the smile going..

(via YouTube Channel : AutoJunior)


November 12, 2014

Twerk Stallion Donuts

HOONIGAN’s answer to modern day advertising. We love it! – Check out this RX7 FC doing donuts and shredding tyres in a small car park.

Checkout their website – G…

October 30, 2014

Hey BMW – Do you even..?

Bro.. Do you even redline?

  • Driving this MUST BE FUN!!!!!!!!!!
  • Those bangs and pops
  • Dumping the clutch
  • Smokin’ up tyres while driving on the highway


Video from TURKEY… Read more..

October 19, 2014

The All Motor “Hercules”

Ever seen a B series run 10.9? How about a naturally aspirated all motor B series? You’re in for a big ride!

Meet HERCULES – The all mighty – All motor...

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