Brett & Donny – Built not bought


A duo that’ll make you melt a little inside. Meet Brett & Donny, proud Honda brothers¬†from the Netherlands. The video by ABFilms is absolutely epic, the music perfect as well as the cut outs and smooth motion tracking. Be sure to check their YouTube channel out here.





These cars were genuinely built from near stock-standard, into these beasts. Brett (dark blue EK4) has done a great engine swap, after driving around with the stock B16A2 for quite sometime, he realized it just wasn’t enough, it consumed oil for nothing etc. So he got rid of it. After this he ended up installing a 96′ spec B18C VTEC motor, which was fine for the next 3 years, but one day on a trip to Germany, it started with a bang. He was persistent, he still decided to continue, so he went and found himself a worked B18C motor fully rebuilt, but in under a year that just blew too. So after swapping out 3 blocks, he decided the B series just wasn’t enough, so he opted out for the K20, as fast and beautiful as it goes unfortunately it did take him some time to get used to the fact that the K series just doesn’t do the EK and justice, it rattles and kinks everything apart. But hey, It’s a ROCKET!




Now let’s checkout Donny’s black EK3. Bought in 2010 with a D15Z6, it got VTI badges added on and Donny was an honest bloke he didn’t think it was fast he just thought the badges looked cleaner along side the Honda EK charge-speed kit. He came to a stage where figured the fact that it was pre-facelift was kind of ugly so he decided to convert that over too. Now when your brother has a B18 and you’re stuck with a D15 we all know it’s just painful, so Donny installed a Turbo kit, tuned to 7psi it was a quick little thing, but yet again Brett (the brother) had just put in a K20 which again left the D series with no luck, even with the turbo.