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June 14, 2014

Balls or Stupidity thats Skill

As the title says, whether you think he has balls, or that he’s just plain stupid or a moron – What this guy has done honestly takes skill! (Combined with a little stupid…

BASS? What is bass?
June 06, 2014

BASS? What is bass?

You thought you had BASS? Window rattle? Rear view mirror rattle? hell.. Rear window waving. This car has body panels waving!



What is - guy

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June 04, 2014


That Anti-Lag though.. DAMNNNNNNNNN – This is genuinely one of the very few Fords that rule the streets! or get any respect at all without the Shelby Label.

Ford GT

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June 03, 2014

Vanilla Ice the car guy

Surely someone’s seen this show! Roughly 14 years old – Vanilla Ice meets some real tuners (back when swagger wasn’t around and people were a little more borin… Read more..

June 01, 2014

Brazilian R8 takes on two bikes

Audi R8 vs Suzuki GSXR1000 on Brazilian Road

Audi R8 vs 2 Bikes

May 29, 2014

That moment when a station wagon…

That moment when you’re going 300+ km/h on a ZX-10R motorbike.. and a station wagon begins to pass you…


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