Doped Mercedes S550

Anybody here familiar with the Mercedes S550?



Merc Benz Stock S550


Let’s be honest, it doesn’t exactly look amazing. More like just an average, everyday luxury benz sedan.

But when you have a set of Vossen wheels, this car becomes something new, something amazing! Just a take a look at some of these shots:


l_Mercedes-Benz_S-Class_VVSCVT_8a4 l_Mercedes-Benz_S-Class_VVSCVT_5ee


Now when you’ve got a ride that sits this nice, looks this clean. You can’t sit there and say “Oh yeah, it’s an AMG it’s fast”. It needs work! And that work is by RENNtech. They’re a well known company that sells both performance modifications and ready-tune kits for most European model vehicles. If you click their logo, you can take a look at their site!