Electroluminescent Coating (Electric Paint)

Electroluminescent Coating (Electric Paint)


Interactive paint? Is it finally here..! ?


LumiLor has engineered … in simple words “Light Up Paint”. Anyone ever watch that kid’s movie “Cars”, taken a look at those “street racing tuners” and wondered why.. “light-up paint would be cool”. This is your answer! Paint on and apply current! It seems like they’re lil’ picky with who they sell to, it’s not an over-the-counter transaction obviously..


The science behind the idea tells us that the initial paint’s light doesn’t burn out but it does actually fade-away in time. Which could be a big issue for people who don’t like to regularly paint their cars. Of course as the technology is so new.. we can’t possibly know the lifespan of the paint itself. Like an LED the lifespan is only effected by the hours it remains lit. Like an LED it can be configured to strobe, stay lit and work like neons in many other ways.

The lit state is only visible in the dark, it is near invisible in the sun. The paint only comes in a few colours – White, Green, Blue, Blue-Green (Turqoise?), Orange and certain custom colours like LumiColors Radio Active Green. Of course colour subtraction is possible (mixing colours) to achieve the closest possible match to what you or the customer has asked for.


Here’s another video preview of LumiColor applied to an actual vehicle:



Some pics:

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