Equalizer Stickers

Equalizer Stickers

These have been quite popular lately, although they’ve been around for years. Although the sticker is laid out as an equalizer it doesn’t actually function as one, it’s merely just a sound wave sensor. The bars cannot move individually, they’re parallel but are set by default to begin and end at different levels. Think of it as a mono equalizer.


They cost roughly $30 – 90 depending on what size and type. If you are unsure of which one to go for I recommend you go for the “Sky Blue”, It’s the lightest blue of them all, it might be called Aqua by some retailers. They do not seem to have a white option available but this suits most colors.


Detailed Video – Del Sol- (Large file) 100 MB


MX-5 (Small Video)


Now like any other product the first generations were much better. The previous versions had a decent controller, the microphone seemed to be more directed at music rather than adopting road noise. We tried mounting this inside the glove box, behind a seat, near a speaker, towards the rear of the car near the subwoofer, behind the subwoofer (set to the minimal setting), on the ceiling, below the driver side dash. Unfortunately as the new version is poorly made, the microphone seems to have poor adjustment at one point it barely works, half a millimeter later it picks up wind and road noise.


In this video you’ll see the multi-colored “Not-so-good” looking version: Although this version actually has the retailers domain on it, which is quite interesting. It wouldn’t be a cheap modification when ordering these.



Now overall it’s nice, it looks cool, better than under car neons. These actually suit most cars, however the multi-colored version just looks ghastly. You can just tell it’s made in China. However the blue, green, sky-blue and red version are actually quite nice.


This is a Unique Model, it has speakers along the side and the equalizer is actually on an angle


Initial Product is just a sticker, along with a small module box about the size of your palm. Here’s an image of the initial product from gadget-review.


The overall issue with the device is, it’s sound sensitivity, either you need to re-adjust it constantly along with your head unit’s volume – Because if well.. let’s say you adjusted this while you were at 80% volume, when you listen to music at 20 or 30% volume it doesn’t hear it. Or like most car audio equipment just adjust it to the most common volume level you listen to and it’ll do it’s job. Another issue we encountered upon reviewing this product was that it actually draws a very large current, and the wires that come with it are just terrible, they pickup interference and interfere with everything else.


Be warned if you decide to use this product, avoid running it near RCA cables or power cables, it doesn’t seem to have any earthing issues. But it wouldn’t hurt it to earth it to a very solid point (maybe the handbrake or seat belts). If you have an amplifier, don’t bother even running wires near any of them as it will interfere with the sound dramatically (especially if you have tweeters).