Free Fuel for women who show up in Bikinis

Free Fuel for women who show up in Bikinis

Well this had me tripping for a few minutes. A Ukrainian petrol station has decided to offer free fuel (petrol) to girls who show up in nothing but a bikini.

A Kiev┬ápetrol station (in Ukraine) has decided to run a new campaign which offers free fuel to women who show up in nothing but bikinis – Kiev s known for it’s long winters, in late September as temperatures dropped to 20 Degrees Celsius, the idea was to help them brace for the sub zero temperatures coming soon.

Before the feminists attack, to be fair they did offer free fuel to ANY woman in a bikini – not only the hot ones (yes.. 98% of Ukrainian women are amazingly sexy) but hey it’s just a coincidence right? lol.

As for the promotional campaign, not sure how well it worked – If they did this in the USA you’d be bled dry with all the women willing to show up topless lol. Perhaps Kiev might have less people trying to grab a bargain? Not sure what they were thinking but hey – It beats TVs at the fuel pump!