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These are of course, merely concepts. But the ideas don’t seem too impossible to me, what do you guys think?




KONTROL Technology is  a philosophy as well as set of proprietary innovations – applied throughout  research, development and production – developed by Hankook Tire to ensure a controlled driving experience.


The ‘K’ denotes ‘kinetic’ and reflects the idea that the interaction of tire with the road while in motion lies at the heart of driving control an performance.
In order to provide enthanced benefits to customers an fundamental to its business, Hankook Tire applies the highest standarts of quality to all its products in terms of safety, driving comfort, handling, performance and environmental friendliness.
No matter what the situation, whether performing at the highest level of world motor sports or driving your children to school on a rainy day, Hankook Tire strives to provide its customers with tires that control the vehicle perfectly.

KONTROL Technology Benefits

The result of Kontrol Technology is tires that provide a range of driving benefits across four areas that customers identify as key when choosing quality tires: Performance; Safety; Comfort; and a tire’s impact on the Environment.


Performance technologies improve handling, driving stability and durability under any condition that pushes the limits  of a tire’s performance.


Safety technologies ensure that the integrity, design and material composition of tires remains true when most needed during stressful and dangerous driving conditions.

Comfort technologies remove stress from driving experiences by limiting noise, vibrations and harshness based on an intimate understanding how tires perform and behave in real world situations.

Environment technologies minimize tires’ impact on the environment and help customers save money by increasing the durability and longevity of tires.