Honda Civic 2015 Type R Concept

From the words of Masaru Hasegawa, this car “is not just a high performance road car, it’s a race built for the road”. Although, there’s barely any information on what the production car will have or be like we’re confident Honda will not disappoint.



We believe that it looks quite good, sure it does have it’s fair share of “fake air vents” in the front. But from what we understand it should be TURBO! Probably having a smaller back window would give it more of a sporty look, at the moment it looks like a failed attempt at building a sportsback. Those headlights are hot though, it’s quite hard to see a decent looking set of Honda headlights.


The Honda Civic has always had a place in everyones heart, at the end of the day they were fast and cheap. Unlike many of the other competitors. Of course one the most important factors is the reliability of these cars (or more so.. there engines). Most of the Honda’s from the 80’s are still on the road today! Why? Because they’re built to last. The B series, The K series and the rest, were all highly reliable and fast.


Honda Civic Type R 2015 - Side Shot