Hooded Reeper’s Build – The Purple Monster

Hooded Reeper's Build - The Purple Monster

“The Purple Monster” as dubbed by the original owner


I hunted locally for a clean Mk1 shell,couldnt find any until someone from MX5 Nutz mentioned he had a mint shell possibly for sale. So with a few phone calls later we had agreed on a deal,and today I took delivery of it.

The car was purchased in Japan,over there it had thousands of pounds spent on it including a highly tuned engine on carbs,Garage Vary body kit,Garage Vary bonnet,centre shotgun exhaust,roll cage and much more! I’ve been told it was used as a Touge Car while over there.

While it was over there it had a respray (originally Red,arent they all!) in Honda Amethyst Purple. The inside has been stripped and the floor and behind the seats have been painted the same colour).

The car was imported to the UK in 2007,and has covered hardly any miles in that time. I believe the shell has only covered 40k and you can certainly see that! Theres not a single spot of rust on her!

The car got sold earlier this year and was stripped and put back to standard form. The car had a Veilside front bumper,which got removed and a stock bumper was refitted,hence why its a different colour,same goes with the bonnet. The engine was removed and a stock 1.6 long nose engine was put in its place.


What it looked like upon purchase:



September 2013 Updates:


Late September: Fitted the TR Lane Cage


October Update:

Snetterton Car Enthusiast Day MX5 Slalom (7th October, 2013)



After some slight damage to the car, the vehicle was taken to the body shop.


December Update:

NRG Luminor Glow Steering Wheel (November Install)


New wheels while waiting on the car to come back from the paint shop


Here are the photos from the early Christmas.


Gauges Fitted – Some nice photos taken.


Post-Christmas Update


New custom interior for everything but the dash. Done by ALL-TRIMS UK (website unavailable)


Some more mods and accessories.

June, 2014 Update:


New WHEELS TOO! Rota RKR Front 15x8j ET0 and Rear 15x9j ET0



October, 2014 – A new rear lip and stock headlights!



The car got dropped off at H&S Performance and the engine was pulled out. The car was then dropped off at AutoDoc Bodyshop for the main work to begin. While the car was in the bodyshop,the guys at H&S Performance did a full service of the engine while it was out.

  • Spark Plugs
  • Oil/Oil Filter/Sump Plug
  • Cambelt & tensioners
  • Waterpump
  • Clutch
  • Thermostat & Coolant Sensor
  • Painted Upper and Lower Thermostat Housings
  • Painted Inlet Manifold with Throttle Body
  • Painted Rocker Cover
  • Painted Cambelt Cover
  • Engine Block Painted

The car was finished and dropped back off at H&S where more parts were fitted along side the re-fitting of the engine.

  • Clutch Slave Cylinder
  • Alloy Radiator
  • Eunos Racing Development Silicone Radiator Hoses
  • New Expansion Bottle
  • New Washer Bottle
  • Polished Oil Cap
  • Polished Plug Cover
  • Stainless Fusebox Cover
  • Painted Radiator Panel cover
  • Painted Scuttle Panel Cover
  • Countersunk Purple Washers and Bolts






Before & After