Interactive Window Tint


These days everything has an upper model of everything. This gadget goes by many names: Smart Film, Smart Tint, ElectroFilm, ElecTint, SDS and so many more… It ain’t common, it’s actually quite rare in the auto industry. Once it gets a little famous, the prices should go way down. Checkout the two videos attached to these posts, quite interesting if you ask me.





Quite easy to use and install, just like a normal tint you apply it with soapy water, we at Scream Garage personally recommend having a professional tinter do the adhesive end of things, and you can get dirty with the wiring. So basically it’s a small kit, wires come out of the initial film (which needs to be cut professionally, preferably with a laser rather the everyday box cutter (stanley knife), should be fine to do so if you don’t have the resources. The wires goto a module box (a controller) and badabing badaboom!


In terms of longetivity, unfortunately we never put it on one of our cars, it just didn’t seem worth it with a price tag of $150 just for the actual tint, it just isn’t worth it – unless you’ve got a real bad-ass ride that costs enough to deserve tint with this price tag.



The film can be installed on more than just your car, it’s a great accessory for your home too. Especially if you live in an apartment and want to ensure your privacy. Be aware the film does come in a number of different models, some dim, some switch to opaque and others darken. Most of them affordable applications just have the generic on/off functions and no dimming features.