Jay Leno drives the IDx

Nismo IDx

As most of you probably already know, this bad boy was put up for show in Tokyo, Japan. Nissan plans to build this thing hopefully within the next few years.



You’ll notice in the video how they show a quick mock-up of what the more “standard” production model would look like, and to be honest here at Scream Garage, we think it looks terrible. This NISMO model even looks “nice” a little bit of retro and a little high tech. The interior is interesting and we do agree with Jay L. those side mirrors are to die for! Hopefully this makes it into production.


Nismo IDx


Now of course it is a concept model it’s bound to be missing, but we personally think it definitely will be quite different upon production. The wheels look terrible, this thing definitely needs something with a little dish, although it does sit quite flush on the current wheels. The interior looks fancy but again most probably won’t comply with most country’s regulations.


Nismo IDx Production Mock-up


Just looking at the front end of the car, you can see it actually violates a bunch of laws in Australia, New Zealand. The United States, thankfully is a little more tolerant so long as it is factory production (stock). The headlights are actually the furthest point in the vehicle, side exhausts thanks to GM might actually get approved, sorry Australia but this is completely banned in your country (even the trucks have to get their exhausts remounted). But let’s see what happens. Most probably most of the “good bits” will only be included in the NISMO model.