Lambo Rat Rod


It may only be mere renders, a dream.. but the fact is .. Pawel Wisniewski and Jans Slapins, the two that have debated on and on after watching the race between the Rat Rod & the Lamborghini. (Video below, please advise it’s a long video but great to watch). Pawel and Jans are the designers behind this elegant beauty (to some this abomination of a car).


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Now everybody knows Rat Rods will never become official, they’re illegal in most countries because of the open-wheel chassis. And they meet no safety regulations and they’re no good at high speed. If Lamborghini for some reason did decide to design this car, the designers have said it won’t be a  won’t be a V12 mid-engine vehicle. It will remain front engine – rear wheel drive – typical Rat Rod setup, with the open wheel frame and of course with a V8 Bi-Turbo setup.


Lamborghini-Rat-Rod-5 Lamborghini-Rat-Rod-4


Here’s a link to Pawel’s official website. Jans has a mere blogspot page, here’s the link to that too.