Meet the HULK of Honda

Honda Hulk Civic

Most of the people in the car scene are not really “friendly” towards Honda owners, and I do understand why.. they don’t exactly provide the best power-to-money ratio, so in terms of value they aren’t very good. They’re not exactly Turbo friendly (the older models of course), and their only RWD (Rear wheel drive) models are the S2000 and the NSX, they’re cheap and quite reliable (according to car-guy logic this is a bad thing, as we do like to work on our cars lol).


This animal is 697 HP


Why is Honda big in Turkey?

(TL = Turkish Lira – Currency 1 USD = 2.14 TL)

But what if, petrol costed.. $3 – 4 USD per litre? What if the yearly tax on your vehicle was calculated according to your engines displacement? In Turkey, You’re looking at 5 – 6 TL per litre for 95 Octane. If you own a V8 you’re paying 10,000 TL ($4,700 USD) per year just on registration, and how does topping up 60 litres (16 gallons)  for 300+ TL ($145 USD). The average turbocharged vehicle gets about 200 km of full throttle on a tank, in Turkey this would be a disaster. So what happens.. then? Honda’s VTEC motors only really guzzle fuel when they hit VTEC, till then it’s quite fuel economic (B16A2 never hitting vtec gets an easy 500-600 kilometers (350 miles) out of a tank). Honda is quite big in Turkey, and this is the reason why.


Meet The “Hulk Civic”, The EK with a Turbocharged K20 engine, in Turkey it may be street legal, but in other countries it’s definitely classed as a race car. This thing can easily be classed as “built not bought”, here are some old videos of the car, just below you’ll see one back when it was running at 9 psi and getting 394 HP.


[youtube src=””]


Here’s a quick specs list 

  • K20Z1 Block
  • CP Flat Top 10.5 CR Pistons
  • Manley Turbo-Tuff Rods
  • OEM K20A crank
  • OEM Oil pump
  • InlinePro Port polish head
  • 1mm Oversize exhaust & internal valves
  • TODA Spec C Cams
  • PT 6765 t4 Turbocharger
  • ID2000 Injectors
  • Dual BOSCH 044 pumps
  • 110 Octane Performance Fuel
  • Mfactory 1-6 dogbox tranmission
  • Helical LSD



Here’s what it’s like being inside this monster.

[youtube src=””]


 Quarter Mile Run


 Drag Racing against a Subaru Impreza WRX (HD)



 Beautiful Launch