MegaPower – Does it really provide it?

MegaPower - Does it really provide it?

Many people are well aware of Skunk2’s Megapower header, but do they actually make power? Are they any good? Worth that $600-1,000 (varies on vehicle and region)? What makes them so good? – In this post we’re only discussing the initial header and not the entire exhaust.


Unboxing SKUNK2 MegaPower Header


Civic Si RR



Now let’s answer some of those questions.. As a one-piece header they’re solid and don’t require any assembly, they actually have Robotic TIG welds, now most people  this makes them superior to most of the other Honda header manufacturers. The installation is fairly simple and varies based on vehicle (hence why no guide can be provided in this post). They do appear to have larger primaries than most of the other brands, but there is bigger and matching.


Now in terms of power like any modification: without a tune it only adds about 5 – 10 HP (a few kilowatts). With a tune however it does provide reasonable and “cost-worthy” gains, but of course anyone willing to do a tune has more than just the header changed and therefore no ACTUAL and decent dyno results can be found on the net. it just isn’t worth a tune when all you’ve done is change the header. Most people remove the CAT which will add a noticeable gain, some people may wonder what the difference is between a noticeable gain and a power gain, basically if it changes the sound and feels a little faster, it is both physically, theoretically and psychologically faster. Where as when there is a 5-10 HP difference on paper, you can’t feel it or hear it – Then it’s completely psychological.


According to this video, it’s added 20 additional horsepower (Here at Scream Garage we can assure you that this is highly inaccurate, after adding cams and a full exhaust the same model vehicle only gained 30 HP, and cams actually add power!



Skunk2 a great company and as a brand has had their fair share of problems, especially back 2 years ago when they put that bounty out on those two forum members. Not quite sure now but back a year ago their customer service was quite rude and terrible (I myself have had problems, but as it may have just been someone having a bad-day that i was dealing with, so I wouldn’t want to talk down on them). They also have a wide-range of fakes. Fakes which are sold by high quality retailers. I wouldn’t blame retailers if they didn’t realize they were selling fakes. They come with warranty cars, and in all honesty if not exact sometimes better quality. I wouldn’t trust the cams or internals of the replicas but as for accessories I myself have tried more than a few:

  • -Replica Short shifter – terrible, tested on a friends car – It costed $20 to be fair.. but it broke in half .. like come on? lol
  • -Replica gear knob – great! In fact.. in terms of appearance the replicas look better.
  • -Replica headers – they don’t have the same welds, but they sure do look the same. Never seen or heard of one breaking but it does have a slight “tingy” sound – So I would give that a no (also, they aren’t very fairly priced)


Overall if you are out there looking to buy a header, and don’t feel some kind of loyalty towards Skunk2 (as Skunk2 is a famous brand, it doesn’t hurt to have it just cause it’s “brand-name”, it look’s good just having it installed). For the price it isn’t really worth it, although second-hand they do come quite cheap. So I’d say if you can pick it up second-hand definitely get it! Otherwise brand-new for that money you could buy more mods that actually make power, or spend a little more and change more than just the header! Go further down to the CAT, the muffler etc.