Oracle Lighting Achilles Radial SRT Viper

Stripped and Rebuilt VIPER

So some people refer to their cars getting into “beast mode” when they flick a switch, drop a gear or .. kick the ass out. What if.. there was a car that had no “modes”, just existed as a beast?

Stanced Drifting Viper
Built by man, driven by Dean Karnage and sponsored by many. Introducing the Dean’s Viper. At 1150 HP, you’re looking at one of the world’s most amazing drift (or better yet “karnage”) machines.

This beast’s build can be followed on Facebook, the last update posted prior to blogging about this Viper was that it was getting a new rear radiator built (As seen in the images below). Currently the Oracle Light’s Viper is attending the 11th season of Formula Drift, this time in two weeks it will have qualified. This car has absolutely no limits!