VTEC Climax Exhaust

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(Formerly known as the VTEC Amplifier) This device is designed to function with VTEC – meaning the valve is opened and closed when VTEC is engaged and disengaged. To eliminate droning the device disengages at the same time as VTEC. The end result is before you hit VTEC – your car will be utilizing any standard exhaust/muffler components rendering the device silent.

If your Honda is modified as long as you are utilizing the DOHC VTEC system the VTEC Climax Kit’s valve will function. If you have a VTEC Controller and adjust the VTEC to a different RPM – the VTEC Amplifier will follow. If you have a Turbocharger or Supercharger installed the item will still only function with VTEC.

This is a non-electronic VTEC Controlled Exhaust System.


  • B16B / B16A2 (DYNO Results)
  • B18C2 / B18C5 / B18C7 / B18CR
  • B16/20 LSVTEC
  • K20/24 K-SWAP
  • F20C / F22C
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