Subaru BRZ STI

Subaru BRZ STI

Is it really coming? Indeed it is.. but it ain’t gonna put a smile on anyone’s face when they find out that it’s only rumored to have 30+ additional horsepower on the current model. It won’t be Turbocharged! Just re-tuned (most probably by raising the rev limit and making a few Air Flow related tweaks, and an exhaust system.


Currently (as seen in our gallery below) the ts (JDM model) has most of the STI goodies, the suspension upgrade, shocks springs and all.. The brakes and of course strut, sway and strengthened rods and arms. The STI model (currently being designed for the North American market) is rumored to have no additional modifications other than the badges and cosmetic enhancements.

Source: AutoExpress


Take a look for yourself, please note there are a lot of concepts of this vehicle, and many different variants (especially the rear end variants).