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Off Road Bike Problems
January 08, 2015

Off Road Biker Problems

This is like a video-game – You’re riding in the forest on your off-road dirt bike and suddenly you’re approached by a man holding an axe!?

Check out the brawl th… Read more..

Motor Tricycle
June 14, 2014

Balls or Stupidity thats Skill

As the title says, whether you think he has balls, or that he’s just plain stupid or a moron – What this guy has done honestly takes skill! (Combined with a little stupid…

April 20, 2014

Blind Spot Knockout

This viewers, is why cyclists of all kinds should be aware that 90% of motor vehicles have a blind spot, stay out of it! Ever wondered why trucks are not allowed to use the take...

April 10, 2014

RZR with a heart full of boost

Meet Steve Vogel,

This is a guy who owns a 250 HP Turbo Intercooled RZR with a Suzuki GSX-R Motor. This thing is crazy!

This must be the best engine transplant anyone has done to a RZR!


The Perfect Go Kart
April 08, 2014

Insane Power to Weight Ratio

Surely there’s nothing more fun than having a Go Kart with a Yamaha R1 1000cc Engine in it. What could be more fun?



Check out this weapon, flying through the stre…...

The Helmet
April 05, 2014

The Helmet

We’ve seen many helmets, from the infamous Harlem Shake Helmet (Horse helmet), to that helmet with an ass on the back of it any many more.. Well here’s the new thing, se… Read...