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November 16, 2014

M5 Nearly Runs Over Spectators

With 630 HP – This BMW E60 M5 is both literally and metaphorically dangerous! – But those few other cars keep the smile going..

(via YouTube Channel : AutoJunior)


Zero Lag System - Thumbnail
September 05, 2014

Anti-Lag or Zero-Lag!


Crowned the “External Combustion Rocket Zero-lag Teaser” also known as the ZLS (Zero Lag System). This anti-lag setup is one of the world’s most creat… Read more..

June 04, 2014


That Anti-Lag though.. DAMNNNNNNNNN – This is genuinely one of the very few Fords that rule the streets! or get any respect at all without the Shelby Label.

Ford GT

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May 25, 2014

Screamer Exhaust Systems

You may have seen our latest products on YouTube and all-over Facebook. Now in the initial video we have mentioned some information in regards to Diesel and Turbo compatible exhau… Read more..

Varex Twin Muffler
May 09, 2014

RC Exhaust

The all famous VAREX exhaust system, known¬†by so many.. back when i was a child reading magazines with the advert, I used to think.. wow that’s a good idea. For the few who don&…