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March 16, 2015

Brap Brap Skyline

There are VERY few people in this world who can look at a 2000 GT-R Skyline and say “pfft..” – But what if the Skyline … wasn’t a “skylineR… Read more..

Perfecting the Godzilla
April 16, 2014

Perfecting the Godzilla

There are so many GTR R34’s out there it’s not funny. But whose is the best? We’ve got the Dragsters, a few circuit based versions.. But what about an all rounder… Read more..

2014 Nissan Jam
March 18, 2014

Second Annual Nissan Jam

So.. the 2nd Annual Nissan Jam is finally here! The poster has all the details.

It is a PRE-REGISTRATION EVENT, Be sure to register yourself as soon as possible as spots are limited.… Read...