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January 07, 2015

Eye Popping Liberty Walk R35 GT-R



This thing will make you DROOL!!!!!!!!!

The body kit made by Liberty Walk, the exhaust system by ArmyTrix. The video originally designed to promote the exhaust syst… Read more..

August 20, 2014

Corvette Valet System



This is something every car needs! Only couldn’t this be improved??

  • Why not have the car in limp mode (so it can̵
Read more..

August 16, 2014

New Breed of Turbo


This EPIC video, will literally set your eyes to stunned! – It’s just amazing! And that little criter just running – Always puts a smile on my dial!


Radio Control Police Escort
July 31, 2014

Radio Control Police Escort

Wouldn’t have hurt to add a siren on it, gotta love the idea though of an RC Car Police Escort. Video seems to be based in Russia as per usual with the crazy stuff! lol.


1000 HP Genesis
June 04, 2014

1000 HP Genesis

Set your eyes to stunned!!


Bismoto Engineering – Anyone who works here.. genuinely has one of the funnest jobs ever! via HyundaiUSA. This beast has several modifica… Read more..

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