The Helmet

The Helmet

We’ve seen many helmets, from the infamous Harlem Shake Helmet (Horse helmet), to that helmet with an ass on the back of it any many more.. Well here’s the new thing, seems to be popular in Russia and only sold and made by Russians (strangely) – Introducing the Predator helmet.


Now there are several videos on the internet of how you can make your own helmet, but in all honesty it just doesn’t look right. Haven’t seen a decent one (yet). But painting these helmets in different colors still does give it a great look!


This Helmet, is nice, given the price it’s great, it is actually safe and does it’s job. You can see just fine out of it – If you’ve got the cash personally I would recommend putting some high tech gadgets (night vision would be SICK!) You could go splinter cell and add infrared goggles in it, as there is a lot of room to play with, but again realistically speaking unless you’re “loaded” it just isn’t worth it . It is a generic helmet with a custom-looking exterior, get one before they become very popular. Although I would still stick with my Horse Helmet, that does trip people out (especially the kids riding in the backseat).


Check it out!


And these are just some places that retail them (all online stores). Please keep in mind, there are several variants of the initial helmet, depending on where you buy it from. – is retailing it for $550 USD – and this at $700 – 800 – However NLO Moto has a wide-range of different helmets.