Topless M4

Topless M4

We saw a lot at New York, but this topless convertible BMW M4 was definitely a head turner. Now it is a hard-top, some may think.. “who came up with this stupid idea?”. It is actually just, as it’s been designed to shift weight, actually improving it’s performance and in one way, giving you two chassis setups in one, retract the top to shift the weight into the rear, or pull it up to get it all even and track ready. In reality, anyone who buys this car is most probably a roadster/cabriolet fan and will always drive top-down.


Now the hard-top itself is three-piece and retractable, all automatically. It features some kind sound absorbing headliner (BMW has claimed that it will reduce noise dramatically). The roof takes 20 seconds to retract and folds up into the trunk/boot. The trunk has 360 litres of trunk capacity whilst the roof is up, and 220 litres with the top down.



The convertible M4 will produce 425 hp (317 kw) and 550 NM of torque. All produced by a 3.oL Turbocharged straight six cylinder engine. Launch speed as always remains a high priority for this M series model, 0-60 mph (0-96 kph) in 4.4 seconds (please be advised this varies based on whether you’re driving the manual or automatic, the manual has a dual clutch system which can really utilize the M Launch Control system making it just shy of two-tenths faster.


The M4 will also come with all the standard performance upgrades available to the regular BMW M4. The adaptive suspension will really help with the weight balance issue, but in reality it’s no drift car (although it would be fun to take side-ways don’t get me wrong, it just wouldn’t be as safe or as easy to hold there (speaking completely theoretically). Like the regular M4 the convertible will also feature Steering Wheel response adjustment, Throttle & Gear-Shift response adjustment, alongside of course the traction control.


The M4 convertible weighs in at 1,840 kg (4,055 pounds). It saves weight in many ways such as the aluminum front end, carbon fiber reinforced plastic in the driveshaft. The I6 engine itself is also significantly lighter than the 4.0L V8.