Corvette Valet System


This is something every car needs! Only couldn’t this be improved??

  • Why not have the car in limp mode (so it can’t exceed 3,000 rpm)
  • It also didn’t look like it really limited the top speed? (Why would a valet need to exceed 50 km/h?)
  • Why not SAVE the seat position, (allowing the valet to adjust the seat) then restore it when disengaging valet mode)
  • Internal Camera – A definite must, a lot of places have multiple valets – who’ll admit to doing anything?
  • GPS tracking is also a must have for a system like this (although it already might have it, since it comes with a SATNAV system.

Nice one Chevy, but needs a lot of improvement, It’s just a dash cam that locks the comparments at the moment.


Also, wouldn’t hurt to make this a standard feature, I mean it’s just a dash cam and software – I’m quite curious as to how much this add-on costs from a dealership.



CV Valet System