A fair share of Ferrari 458 owners have modified their Ferrari, whether it was by changing the exhaust system, adding minor accessories or having the interior done. At the end of the day, just about anyone with money could do these.


It takes balls, skill and a hell a lot of money to change the appearance of one.


This wide body kit will set you back around $26,000 USD (this does not include shipping and import taxes). ¬†As it’s a widebody kit, you’ll need a decent set of new wheels with that “stanced” offset to make it look any good. Expect to pay another $5,000 – 10,000 depending on your fancy for a set of those (without tyres). Last of all of course is the installation. Let’s be honest after spending that much money, another few thousand for installation (depending on your country) is nothing! However be warned, a widebody kit will take a hell of a long time to install, expect symmetry issues and a lot of stress!